365 Small Steps

365 Small Steps To Change Your Life For The Better (Links To My Posts)

10 Down – 355 To Go!


1. Use a Sunrise Lamp to wake up every day

2. Start every day with a glass of hot lemon water

3. Write In a Gratitude Diary every morning

Self Care

4. Sprinkle Lavender Oil on your pillow to sleep easy.


5. Use a Essential Oil Diffuser to create a calm home and mind.

6. Plant bulbs & Have Houseplants in Every Room for cleaner air and a sense of calm.

7. Use Wool Dryer Balls to reduce electric use, stop static and replace fabric conditioner.

Becoming Waste Free

8. How to do a Waste Audit + FREE Printable

9. Recycling Using Your Kerbside Recycling Bins – Are you making full use of this?

10. Recycling at Your Household Recycling Centre – It’s surprising just how much can be recycled!