Morning Routine

The best day’s start with good habits and a great morning routine, here is what I do (every weekday):

5.45am Get up refreshed using my sunrise clock.

Morning Self Care.

Complete my 6 Minute Diary and drink a hot lemon water.

6.00am Walk the dog for 30 minutes regardless of the weather. Challenge myself to walk more steps than the day before.

6.30am Back home – get ready for work, including make up and hair.

6.45am A healthy nutritious breakfast and a cup of chamomile or green tea.

7.00am Help children get ready for school.

7.30am Quick Morning Chores.

7.45am Leave for work.

Doing these things enables me to start the day on a positive note. It ensures that I have put myself first (in order to meet my needs and therefore be able to help others). I arrive at work having eaten well, exercised, done all that I need to with the children and carried out essential household tasks.