Plastic Free Birthday Celebrations

As we move forward with our plans to use less and less plastic I have invested in a few things that make Plastic Free (and especially single use plastic) Birthdays much easier.

It was my daughters 7th birthday last week and we always decorate the house ready for when they wake up.


Fabric Birthday Bunting on Amazon – Similar to the one we have.

We have beautiful fabric happy birthday bunting that we bought last year which comes out every year and goes on the mantle. Along with two colourful lengths of bunting.

My daughter especially loves yellow so we bought a yellow tissue paper pompom and yellow crepe paper to drape from our centre light in the living room to the corners of the room. Sadly this came in plastic packaging so I will be on the look out as to where I can buy it plastic free next year.

Party Time

I had already purchased melamine plates and cups which we reused for her party (and use for camping/family gatherings) – Despite these being plastic, they can be reused over and over again, they are very hard wearing and I really think they will last a lifetime! They have been dropped time and again by the children and we haven’t had a single one break. They have also saved lots of single use plastic being used. We bring them along on picnics too and use them daily for the children so they are getting lots of use.

We decided against party bags and instead bought these cardboard cupcake boxes. The children had two party activities – one was to decorate the boxes (including their name) and the other was to decorate two cupcakes – one for their pudding and one to put into their box to take home. We played some party games and the winner won some foil wrapped gold coins (leftover from Christmas) which despite us saying could be put into the boxes – were mostly eaten on the spot!

We also did an activity where the children each made keyrings using scratch art. This little pack that we bought made 6 so they did one each. They were all going to put them on their school bookbags (they now just use rucksacks) as they scratched their names so hopefully giving them a purpose will mean that they will not be ‘plastic tat’. We recycled the cardboard and wooden sticks went into the compost. Hopefully people will reuse the keyring if no longer needed for their bookbag. They put their keyrings into their decorated boxes.


My Daughter had gifts that were plastic free as possible – she had gerbils as her main present (we already had a glass fish tank which we used to home them). She also had a jumper, an amazing book by The National Trust called How To Help a Hedgehog & Protect a Polar Bear – it is amazing! It is full of ideas of things you can do with your children to help save the planet (if you know me I may have bought one for your child as I bought 3 extra copies I loved it that much!). She also had a CD & some sweets (try and get foil or paper wrapped where possible).

Wrapping & Cards

Her gifts were wrapped in reused amazon brown packing paper (Thanks Amazon!) and I purchased a card free from plastic (Card Factory are good for this but other retailers are starting to get on board too).

NB: If you purchase via the links on this page I will get a very small % which goes towards the running costs of this website. This is not a sponsored post and I have no links with the owner of the product.