The Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

After starting journaling in the 6 Minute Diary I realised that my morning routine needed an overhaul. I am determined to continue improving my morning routine to ensure that each day I start the way I mean to go on – positive & healthy!

So after rising early I make sure I drink a cup of hot lemon water each morning before I walk the dog. I either have a cup of boiled water with a wedge of lemon from the fridge or freezer in, or if I don’t have any lemon in the house then I just put a squeeze of lemon juice in from the bottle.

I find this really helps wake up my taste buds and kick start my body.


There are so many amazing health benefits from this simple step:

  • It helps to flush out toxins.
  • It aids the digestive system (and has been said to help aid weight loss).
  • Helps bowel functions.
  • Its an excellent source of Vitamin C and helps the immune system.
  • It helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints as it dissolves uric acid.
  • It has many other benefits for the skin, eyes, liver and more!

So next time you are shopping pick up one of these super fruits and if you see them reduced, cut them in to wedges and pop the in the freezer so you have a constant supply for first drink of the day.

Make this your one small change today!