Indulging in Self Care with a Hot Bath and Natural Products

A hot relaxing bath is such a treat.

A chance to take 20 minutes out from life and unwind.

The main principle of self care is to put yourself first in order to be able to then give yourself to others.

Making having a bath something special, just for you is so important. Those 20 minutes are not going to rejuvenate you if you are staring at a mess, sharing the bath with toys and having little ones asking for you every few minutes.

A Few Natural Bath Products You Could Add to Your Bathroom.

Here are my tips for a perfect Self Care Bath

  • Find a time in the evening when the house is quiet and you know you can have some time undisturbed.
  • Taking no more than a couple of minutes – quickly tidy the bathroom, putting everything away.
  • Start the bath running and instead of opting for normal bubble bath why not try a natural alternative instead – see below for some ideas.
  • If you don’t have candles in the bathroom already, find some and light enough to create a calm, soothing mood.
  • Enjoy your soak, pull yourself into the moment and stop your head from whirring around by scanning your senses – how does this feel? how does this smell? what do I hear? what do I see?
  • As you relax and if you trust yourself to keep your phone dry and safe – this is the perfect time to listen to a relaxing audio book or do a timed meditation.

These are my favourite natural bath products:

  • Oats – simply take a clean odd sock, put half a cup of normal oats into it and tie the sock tightly adding some essential oils as required. When running the bath, massage the sock in the water and the bath will gradually turn cloudy. An oat bath works brilliantly to relieve inflammation, moisturise skin and relieve redness. It is great (without the essential oils) for chicken pox and eczema too! A good choice in the summer to relieve sun soaked skin.
  • Milk – once the bath has been run add two cups of milk (ideally whole milk) and mix in – you can also add some essential oils or a large spoonful of honey. Milk baths are a great choice to take in the winter to relieve dry skin. Milk can naturally help to remove dead skin cells and like oats is also good at moisturising and removing redness.
  • Epsom Salts – Start by adding a large tablespoon of Epsom salts to a hot bath. Gradually over time you can build up to 2 cups. Epsom Salt baths have so many amazing benefits including reducing stress, relaxing the body, improve sleep and concentration, helps sore muscles, sprains and bruises, helps migraines and helps flush toxins out of the body.
  • Bath Oils – Use a base oil such as Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil – in a glass jar add 50ml of base oil and then 20 drops of essential oils – store in a dark cupboard. When your bath is ready add 1-2 teaspoons of this to your bath. You can tailor your bath oil to your requirements by changing which essential oils you add.
  • Neal’s yard – I love the fact that Neal’s Yard are made using good quality natural products. I ask for these products for my birthday or sometimes purchase them when they are on sale. My favourites are the Aromatic Foaming Bath and the Geranium & Orange Foaming Bath – a little goes a long way so despite being quite expensive they last a very long time.

Good Essential Oils for Homemade Natural Baths:

  • Lavender – relaxing and calming – ideal before bed.
  • Clary Sage – good to lift your mood.
  • Rose – good at calming anxiety.
  • Ylang Ylang – to relieve tension in the body.

There are so many more – experiment and have fun creating blends that work for you!

NB: If you purchase via the links on this page I will get a very small % which goes towards the running costs of this website. This is not a sponsored post and I have no links with the companies I have linked to.

Self Care – Using an Essential Oil Diffuser to create a calmer home & mind.

One of my friends owns an Essential Oil Diffuser and I thought it was such a great thing to have, after some research I decided to purchase one myself.

I decided to get this one (link to Amazon):

It is really easy to use, can be set for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours, turns itself off if it runs out of water and can be used with single colour light or no light at all.

I thought it would be a good investment to help with a multitude of things:

  • Using Clary Sage to help with low mood.
  • Using Lavender to help sleep.
  • Using Eucalyptus to help unblock noses when we have a cold.
  • Using Lemon Oil to help awaken and focus – great when working from home or studying.

There are so many more oils and uses for them. I find it is good as it also humifies the room with the infused vapour so it stops the air in your home being so dry.

I have now incorporated the Diffuser into my morning and afternoon routines. When I wake up before I walk the dog, I switch it on in the kitchen and also again when I return from work. Sometimes after work I take it into my bedroom and put it on, so I can smell the relaxing scent whilst I do my 10 minutes meditation (more on that another day).

It is really useful to put in the children’s rooms when they have a cold as well with some Eucalyptus oil in.

If I have forgotten to put it on, I will often find my husband and children doing it for me so it must be a hit with the family too!

When you purchase essential oils, make sure you purchase 100% pure oils. My favourite for the diffuser is Clary Sage as it is such a beneficial oil in so many ways.

I would really recommend getting a diffuser, it definitely helps with your mood and is very relaxing. It has certainly helped me in my continuing self improvement.

NB: If you purchase via the links on this page I will get a very small % which goes towards the running costs of this website. This is not a sponsored post and I have no links with the owner of the product. It really is a product that has changed my life for the better and I genuinely believe it could help so many people.

A Simple Step – Wool Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

We can’t all take big leaps towards a better life every day. Most of the time it is just the little things, the things that take just a moment. These build up and 365 small steps later your life has changed beyond recognition.

I purchased some Wool Dryer Balls earlier this year as I had heard good things and wanted to try them out.

I am really pleased with them for the following reasons:

  • They are 100% organic wool which means they are hypoallergenic and free from chemicals.
  • They are plastic free (hurray!) and reusable over and over again.
  • They reduce static in your tumble drying – this is brilliant
  • They speed up how long it takes to dry clothes (by up to 40%) – by moving the clothes around and stopping them from rolling up into a tight ball. This saves time and money on your electric bills.

What I also like is every now and then I add a few drops of essential oil onto the balls. Then when they dry the clothes, the clothes come out smelling wonderful. You really don’t need chemical filled fabric conditioner.

Folding the washing after is so calming when it smells so lovely. My favourite at the moment is Ylang Ylang. When purchasing an essential oil always purchase a 100% pure Essential Oil like the one below (click on the picture below to follow link to Amazon).

I do realise that using a tumble drier isn’t as environmentally friendly as using the washing line, but in the winter I find it is a necessity. I have tried to make it as eco as possible by buying an energy efficient tumble dryer, using these balls to help reduce drying time and our energy supplier is 100% renewable energy so not using any coal or nuclear power.

Have a go yourself – it is such a quick and easy thing to do.

NB: If you purchase via the links on this page I will get a very small % which goes towards the running costs of this website. This is not a sponsored post and I have no links with the companies I have linked to. These are just products I have used and recommend.

Sleep Easy with Lavender Essential Oil

Self care is such an essential part of life.

You must take care of your mind and body so that you are then able to enjoy every moment of life and be able to help others.

One small step I take is to remove the pillowcase from my pillow and sprinkle on a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil before then replacing the pillowcase.

Lavender is a natural sleep aid. It reduces stress, anxiety and nervous tension, is calming and can help the respiratory system. You can double up the relaxing effect by putting a few drops of the essential in a hot bath before you go to bed.

Not only will the Lavender oil in the bath help you unwind but the inhalation of the Lavender infused steam is good for your respiratory system as it can help loosen phlegm and has antibacterial qualities. It can help with pain relief making it a great choice for bathing tired muscles and it boosts healing of the skin tissues so will be an all round winner for your skin too.

Just simply adding a few drops to your pillow and bath is one very small self care step with so many benefits. I hope you try this and enjoy the benefits it brings. I have linked this page to the Lavender Essential Oil I purchase from Amazon. You can purchase it anywhere however make sure you only buy 100% pure essential oil.

NB: If you purchase via the links on this page I will get a very small % which goes towards the running costs of this website. This is not a sponsored post and I have no links with the companies I have linked to. These are just products I have used and recommend.