The 6 Minute Diary & how it changed my life.

I bought The 6 Minute Diary, back in September 2018. I was a little dubious about how much it would help me given I have been in quite a low place for quite a while.

The diary starts with just over 60 pages of reading. This section explains how to use the diary, the importance of completing it every morning and evening and the scientific research that details how this method is proven to work.

I found this first section really inspiring – in fact I read it twice and the second time highlighted all of the points that stood out to me.

Each morning you complete 3 items that you are thankful for, you list and visualise the small steps you will take to make today great and also your positive affirmation for the day.

Each evening you write down a good dead you have done today, something you could improve on and three great things that have happened.

Also daily you complete the 3 habit trackers (you choose which habits to track) to monitor how you are sticking to the changes you want to make.

Each week you have a new challenge to do which helps you to explore your mind, ideas, be creative, thankful or do something kind.

Every week as well as a notes page there is a list of explorative questions that delve into the depths of your strengths, weaknesses, emotions and thoughts. These are really eye opening and can often unpick things in your mind that you didn’t necessary realise you wanted/felt sad about/wanted to do.

Finally each month there is a monthly check which asks you to rate on a scale of 1-10 how you feel about 20 different areas of your life. This is a great way to check in with how you are doing/feeling and to reflect on any positive or negative changes to the prior month.

Whilst this may sounds like lots to do I can assure you it very quickly becomes second nature, I complete the morning section before I walk the dog each morning and the evening section is the last thing I do before I go to sleep. The weekly part I do Sunday morning with a lovely cup of coffee and the monthly review only takes a few moments.

When I bought this diary I had been in a very low place for quite a while and I bought this as it had good reviews on Amazon but I can honestly say it was the start of a huge movement of change in my life. Within 10 days of completing this I felt happy. Really happy and so thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life.

I got a bad cold during October and because I was sleeping a lot to recover I stopped using the diary. You guessed it. Within a few days my mood/outlook on life had slipped again and I was back to feeling tired, unmotivated and unhappy with myself and things around me. On restarting it I quite quickly realised that I need to commit to completing it every single day.

What this diary made me realise was that I have everything I need to be happy (no matter what is happening in life). I don’t need to keep looking outward to be happy, only within. This book is an amazing tool to help you be thankful, see the positives, work on good/healthy habits and be a good and kind person.

I would really urge you to have a go yourself – The 6 Minute Diary is available on Amazon .

NB: If you purchase via the links on this page I will get a very small % which goes towards the running costs of this website. This is not a sponsored post and I have no links with the author of this book. It really is one of the most powerful diary’s I have ever completed and I genuinely believe it could help so many people.