Using Topcashback to get cashback – Spending consciously & getting the best deal.

I have been using Topcashback for a little while now and earned a total of £589 cashback. It is one of those things that when I first read about it sounded too good to be true – but in this case it is completely true!! I had to share this as it is a way to purchase consciously ensuring that you get the absolute best deal that you can.

All you need to do is click on this link, sign up and then every time you buy something online, log into Topcashback and click on the company you want to buy from and go to their website clicking on the link. You carry on and order/buy what you do as normal. Topcashback then tracks the link and that the purchase went through to the end. They show that the cashback has tracked in your account. After a period of a few weeks (to make sure you don’t cancel the order etc) the cashback is verified and then shows as payable – at this point you just enter your bank details and the money goes straight into your account.

An example is when I needed to renew my insurance policy this week:

My insurance last year cost £229.47 and the renewal came through at £328.92 – a rise of almost £100!! I don’t think so!!

So I logged into Topcashback :

  • I clicked on the insurance tab and found the type of insurance I needed
  • I sorted the companies by highest £.
  • That company was MoreThan who had an exclusive £110 deal ending today. I clicked on that company and then clicked on the link to go through to their site (I went back onto the Topcashback tab and just checked that the window came up to say that they have recorded the visit).
  • On the MoreThan site I did the quote as you would normally – this came to £199.23.
  • I then bought this quote and entered my payment details to purchase the policy.
  • When I went back onto the Topcashback site and clicked on My Account I could see the £110 was in the pending section. In a few days time it will be confirmed and then a few weeks after it will be payable.

I opted for the quick way of picking the highest £ cashback and just getting a quote from them = this took less than 5 minutes in total and reduced my insurance from £328.92 to £89.23 (after cashback)!

You could take time to do a go compare or compare the market comparison for your insurance first and then compare this to cashback received and possibly get it even cheaper. But that isn’t the only amazing thing about Topcashback – read on to find out more!

All of the links above link to Topcashback through a refer a friend link – The current bonus for referring a friend is £20.19 – if you click on my link and use Topcashback to receive cashback on the things you buy I will receive this cash directly. Once you have signed up you will get your very own refer a friend link within your ‘My Account’ – which means if you get people to sign up you will receive this bonus for every person too. So far I have received £55 in refer a friend cashback and have a further £187.86 pending.

This website is an amazing way to save & make money – I really urge you to have a go!