Healthy Meal Plan 1

I am going to share some of the meal plans I have used as I find sometimes seeing other peoples meals can provide ideas and inspiration.

As a rule of thumb I try to have two fish based meals (F), a minimum of two vegetarian meals a week (V), two poultry based meals (P) and one other (O). I made this decision as we were eating quite a lot of red meat and I know that this is something we should cut back on and we also were not eating enough fish.


My Meal Plan – This was for the first week in January.

Mon – V – Homemade Tomato & vegetable pasta (using up mushrooms, courgette and green beans from the fridge).

Tue – F – Homemade Mackerel curry rice – using tinned mackerel (The Savvy Shopper Cookbook)

Wed – P – Homemade chicken super noodles + veg sticks (The Savvy Shopper Cookbook)

Thu – O – Quiche, new potatoes & salad

Fri – O – Homemade Macaroni cheese, with bacon, green beans, mushroom & courgette (pictured) (A Girl Called Jack Recipe Book)

Sat – V – Naan Bread Pizzas – using courgette, mushroom, pepper, baked beans and cheese

Sun – V – Crackers, Cheese, Veg Sticks, Chutneys (using up the Christmas food)

I have a few cookbooks that I come back to again and again for cheap, healthy, tasty but most importantly quick to make recipes. These are:
The Savvy Shopper’s Cookbook
A Girl Called Jack – 100 Delicious Budget Recipes
Cooking on a Bootstrap
Feeding Kids – The Netmums Cookery Book
If I use these recipes during my meal plan I will note next to them which book I’ve used.