Waste Free Feb – Day 4 – How to Recycle Toothbrushes, Crisp Packets and More!

I’ve covered kerbside recycling and your local household recycling centre, now you really need to know about Terracycle.

Terracycle is a company that recycles ‘hard to recycle’ items – often donating 1p per item to charities too.

Even if you recycling everything you possibly can in your kerbside bins and at your household recycling centre you will still find you have lots left in your bin. Terracycle can help you recycling items such as:

  • Toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads and packaging.
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Crisp Packets
  • Biscuit and cake wrappers
  • Cracker wrappers
  • Pens, markers, highlighters and correction fluid pots
  • Make up and beauty product tubes
  • Cleaning wipe packets
  • Cleaning bottle triggers and lids
  • Air fresheners, Air freshener cartridges and packaging.
  • Baby food pouches and snack packaging
  • Contact lenses and their packaging
  • Pringle tubes

To recycle these items you need to go on their website, select the item you would like to recycle and find your nearest drop off point. It is a good idea to have a box to collect these items so that you only need to drop off every month or two.

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